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Product Descriptions

Writing product descriptions for your website needs to be far more than just the facts about the product. Sure, you'll sell products that are listing just the name, sizes and colors of the products. But if you write more about the benefits that product gives your customer, then you are going to sell a whole lot more of those products. The customer will fall in love with the product even before they receive it.

How to Write Product Descriptions

Example 1)

Writing Product Descriptions That are Not Effective

Table Lamp. Cloth shade with cast iron base. Colors: Tan, White. Size 30" height.

Writing Product Descriptions That Are Effective

Your special man is coming over for dinner so you will set up dessert next to this romantic lamp. It's intertwining iron twists is based on the ironwork design of Latin countries, the lands of love. And with its gentle, patterned fabric shades the soft light sets the perfect mood for your evening. What happens next, the lamp will never tell. Color choices of Café con Leche or Blanca. Size: 30" height.

Example 2)

Writing Product Descriptions That are Not Effective

Dress, sleeveless, comes with a belt. 100% cotton. Color choices: red, tan, blue. Sizes S, M, L, XL

Writing Product Descriptions That Are Effective

Imagine walking through the door of the party and everyone gazing your way. You're a knockout in this strapless number and everyone knows it. You're relaxed because of its cotton softness and gentle sexiness. This strapless sundress comes in color choices of cherry cream, banana coffee, or blueberry with dazzling, matching speckled belt. Sizes S, M, L, XL.


Focus on selling the benefits that customers will receive from the product, not just the features of that product.

Make your product descriptions informative but very friendly and highlight the benefits. Your product descriptions should make a shopper smile when they read them or at least cause them to imagine a scenario where they are using the product. Most product descriptions on the web could use a good re-write. If the product description only gives the facts about the product then it isn't very effective marketing. Sure, it'll work, but you won't be selling as much. Remember those "Seinfeld" episodes about the J. Pederman Company? The product descriptions were really over the top and that is one of the brilliant marketing tools the real J. Pederman Company used in real life. It made them a huge success.

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