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Writing Articles for SEO

Articles that are written with search engine optimization in mind are very focused on one topic, which is the keyword phrase for your company. If you have a website where you sell handmade cat collars, you would want a lot of articles about cats and about cat collars that are handmade. These articles will not only educate and fascinate your customers when they visit your website, but they also let the search engines know your website is definitely about handmade cat collars. When written properly, the search engine suggests your website on the first page of the search results when a potential customer is looking for your product.

Creative Content in Articles for SEO

When writing articles for SEO, focus first on your customer and what they probably want to read about. The reason is, the longer they stay on your website, the more likely it is that they are going to trust your company and buy your products. Secondly, use the keyword phrase that matches your company's product that is the topic of the article. (Use that keyword phrase enough times to get the point across to the search engine, but not so much that it is spam.) That keyword phrase should also be placed in the proper places to maximize the benefit of the words in an article for SEO.


Your website is how your online customer is going to judge who you are and the quality of your goods. It is vital that it sends the message that you intend to send. Additionally, web pages will be written with the keywords in the proper places so that the search engines will send you the right potential customers.

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