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Write Press Releases to Attract Customers

No matter if you are an online business or a brick and mortar business, you can write press releases to increase customer traffic. There is a standard form for writing these, but a press release needs to be attention getting and drive the message home in order to be effective. Most business owners are not able to see the forest from the trees when it comes to marketing in this way, so they need some help.

Press Release Distribution

What happens to the press release is up to you. You can submit them to local television, radio and newspapers in hopes they will print it our talk about. When you submit to the media, what you are really looking for is an interview or to be featured on their news program or local reporting. So, it is vital that you can catch their interest in just a few words. The same goes for submitting them to online press release distributors. They need to catch someone's attention.

Benefits of Press Releases

For instance, I wrote press releases for a hearing aid company that received a lot of media attention. I tied the company's product with a challenge to the local sports stadium that was under fire for excessive noise level inside the stadium. The day's news was focused on hearing damage to their patrons. My press release gained attention by offering free ear plugs to anyone who was going to attend an event and it was written in a humorous way. A television news station and a local radio station both featured the story, repeating the name of the company all day.

How Often to do a Press Release

You don't have to have an event coming up, there are ways of making your business existing an event in itself. A press release can be sent out monthly, or as the need arises. Any new company should issue press releases monthly until they get a foothold in their industry and then at least a couple of times per year after that.


The original purpose of the press release was to give the newspaper an article to print that they didn't have to pay for and your company gets the free exposure. It has changed a little over the years now that we need to put press releases up on the Internet, but the basic format is still the same. You still need to catch an editor's attention to get it into print or get the attention of a reporter so they will do a television story about you.

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