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Why Another Marketing Blog?

Nobody has actually asked me this question yet, but I thought to ask it myself.

Why another marketing blog?

As you may know, there are already a lot of blogs that talk about marketing. Some of them focus on social media, and some of them are about startups. But for sure, there are a lot of marketing blogs.

So do people really need another website that talks about marketing? My answer is yes, and here's why:

The problem with a lot of blogs is this: if you're reading a post written by a Facebook guy, then you're going to learn why Facebook is the best tool in the universe when it comes to marketing. And if you're reading a post by a direct-mail marketing guy, you'll learn how direct mail is the absolute best way to contact customers.

But what's best for you? What will get your customers to buy more products and services?

To be honest, it doesn't matter what type of marketing you use as long as it works. Facebook is the same as a direct-mail postcard, as long as they both work. But if Facebook doesn't work as well, I don't care how cool Facebook pages are, direct mail is the way to go.

So that's what this blog is about -- it's about learning how to most effectively market your product or service. I personally don't care if that means hiring someone to dress up like a clown and give away free products at a fair. If that reaches your customers and helps you sell more products, then let's do it. Well call it buzz marketing and someone can write a case study about us.

But what they won't write a case study about are the people who sign up for a Facebook page because you can't do business in 2012 without one, only to find out that it does nothing for your bottom line. And if they do, it's for all the wrong reasons.

So let's get clear about a couple of things: not every business needs to be on Facebook and a website isn't a silver marketing bullet. You have to learn how to use Facebook and websites effectively, and some businesses don't even need to worry about having either. What everyone does need to know how to do is how to market more effectively -- online and off.

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