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Copywriting Improves Sales

Copywriting is what the writing is called that is your sales pitch on promotional materials and advertising. A small business website needs to be copywritten also. It is an important part of your company's presentation. These days, it is likely the first thing a potential customer sees of your products or service. It is vital that your website is written with the proper copywriting techniques. Without it, that potential customer is likely to just move on to the next place and forget all about your company. So, here are some tips to capture that customer when they land on your homepage.


The basics of copywriting are the same as with any sales pitch. You want to give the features, the benefits and the close. What is different is that with the written word, it is a one sided conversation. When you are speaking with a person you will also answer objections and close the sale. However, if you have not been told the objection then there is no way to overcome it. So, here are some ways to get around that issue on a website.

The Features

When copywriting, the features of your product or service that your company offers are the list of things you will do or your product does. If you are selling a hair brush then it might have natural bristles, is brown in color and is made of durable plastic. These are just the facts. Unfortunately, most websites stop here and really, in reality, it is the least important part when you are writing copy.

The Benefits

Sell the sizzle, not the steak in your copywriting. This is where you talk about all the benefits your customer will derived from your product or service. In other words, what does the customer get out of it? For that hair brush, it will make your hair beautiful. It will leave your hair with a natural, healthy shine. Other people will compliment your hair and tell you how beautiful it is. It might make your hair so gorgeous that you'll quickly end up rich and famous.

The benefits are the most important thing to write about on your website. People are buying your product or service because they want what it will do for them. The actual service and what it does is of lesser importance to them. All the customer wants is the end result. And that is what it will do for them.

People will get massages because it makes them feel great. They really don't care if it is Swedish or Deep Tissue, with rocks or essential oils. All they want is to feel wonderful and get rid of a nagging pain in their shoulder. Granted, the massage therapist does need to list what type of massage they do when copywriting their website, but they need to boldly feature how great they will feel during and afterwards. That is selling the sizzle.

The Close

The close is where you ask for the sale. When it comes to a website's closing technique in copywriting, you will ask for them to call, email, or submit a form. Your close should be in a very easy to find location. You do not have to necessarily ask them to call or email, but many websites do. You do need your contact information very large and well-marked on the website. For instance, a link for "Contact Us" should be in the header or a huge phone number should be in the header. This information should also be in the footer of the page. It helps to have it in the far right-hand column, also. Make it as easy as possible for the person to find this information in just a glance.

Answering objections should not be done at all. It is a common mistake to put answers to objections all over the homepage thinking that you'll answer all their possible objections. However, all that does is show the potential customer all the different things they should be afraid of with your product. Likely, you will scare off most of the people who read it. Instead, have your homepage assume the sale. Fill your website will all the great things they will get when they use your service or product. If they have a question about your product, they will give you a call or email.

You want them to contact you so that you can close them and sell them your product. Do everything you can in your copywriting to get them to call you and ask questions. When they contact you, then you have the opportunity for the sale. If you answer all their questions on your website then they have no reason to call you.

Optimizing Your Sales Pitch

Of course, you need to keep your webpages optimized for the highly searched keywords for your company. So, your website work does not stop with brilliant copywriting. It needs to also have the search engines in mind, but they are easier to sell and that topic is covered in other articles on this website. 

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