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Ways a Blogger Puts Illegal Content on Your Blog

A blogger is a writer, but sometimes it is a writer that is untrained in writing professionally. When you hire someone who works super cheap and doesn't know the ins and outs of writing professionally then you leave yourself open to a law suit.

Hired Blogger

A client of mine recently received an email asking him to take down a blog post that shows photos of her children. For whatever reason, she said having her children's names and photos in this blog post was putting their lives as risk. She was only asking for an edit, but given she never gave permission for those photos or for her story to be published, she could have asked for damages.

I found the blog post for my client that the blogger had published on their blog and removed it. It was written by someone he hired as a blogger back in 2012. This is a common problem with writers in India and what they write for their clients. They take a story they see posted somewhere else, (this particular story was taken from a network TV news website), swipe the photos and post it on your blog. You have no idea that someone could come after you later for copyright infringement. The blogger doesn't care. They are in India and they know if they lose you as a client then there are thousands more clients that want writing for $10 or less per blog post.

They Don't Actually Write Illegal Content

That blogger that charges about $10 or less to write a blog post is not writing those blog posts, not exactly. Usually they find a blog post on a website and copy it. Then they load it into what is called an Article Spinner. This is software that changes words in the article to other words that mean the same thing. Well, they mean the same thing in theory, anyway. The point is to change enough words to avoid being penalized in Google for duplicate content. This is what the blogger will post on your website.

If you've ever read an article on the Internet that is written in English, but is difficult to understand because the words are being used a little wrong then that is probably one of the articles written with a spinner. You might think it was written by a foreigner that doesn't really understand how to speak English. In a sense, you're right, but it is actually a software program doing the spinning.

Other cheap bloggers will spin the article then they will clean up the text so that it will make sense in English. So, the writing is usually dull and chopped up, but the sentences do make perfect sense. It is just really poor writing.

In addition to plagiarizing someone's writing like that, the blogger will also download the photos and use those on your website. Many people do not realize that photos have copyrights just like books and other writing. You cannot legally just copy a photo and use it for your purposes just because you saw it on the Internet. You have to obtain the photographer's or owner's permission to use that photo. Most of the time there is a hefty fee involved.

There are photo websites that allow you to use them for free or a small fee. There are various types, and they are what an ethical writer will use.  Unfortunately, these photos are never 100% relevant to the blog post, so the blogger you hired for a bargain will steal one that is, leaving you on the hook to pay for it, as the stolen news story was on my client's website.

Giving a photo a credit with the photographer's name doesn't do any good. It actually just alerts the real owner that you stole his or her content. It will come up in a periodic search the photographer will do to hunt down stolen content. I see Getty Photos credited a lot on photos on websites that I know didn't have the $600 per year it costs to pay for that photo. Credit is usually given as part of the lease on the photo when you pay for it, not when you steal it.

Stick with Professional Writers

Sure, it costs more to use a blogger that is a professional writer. But, look at it like this, a professionally written article is a joy to read for your customers. They will actually start to come back to read content on your website, because it is interesting, unique and entertaining. You will make up the difference with your customers loving your website and buying your products because of it. You will also never have to worry about someone contacting you demanding payment for the images or written material that was stolen and posted on your website!

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